Leslie Iwerks

Iwerks is an Academy Award® and Emmy® nominated director and producer. For over a decade, she has produced, directed, and edited award-winning feature and short documentaries, television specials, tributes, corporate films, and digital content. Her clients have included Disney, Pixar, Hearst, Starz, Bravo, GE, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, among others.

Her body of work encompasses enterprise feature films (The Pixar Story, Citizen Hearst, ILM: Creating the Impossible, the Imagineering Story, Hand Behind the Mouse) to her acclaimed environmental and social issue documentaries (Recycled Life, Pipe Dreams, and Downstream).

Iwerks is an adventure and travel enthusiast, and has filmed on all seven continents around the world.

Her desire to innovate and push boundaries in documentaries, film, animation and new technologies has been cultivated and inspired by her family upbringing.

Her grandfather, Ub Iwerks, was the original designer and co-creator of Mickey Mouse and multi-Academy Award winning visual effects pioneer. Her father, Don Iwerks, also an Academy Award winner for Technical Lifetime Achievement, was founder of the large format film company, Iwerks Entertainment, building large format systems in over 200 theaters around the world.

As a young girl, Iwerks would accompany her dad to the Disneyland parks, getting a rare behind-the-scenes look at everything from attraction design and animatronics, to the filming of Michael Jackson and Francis Ford Coppola’s Captain EO. On weekends, Iwerks would tag along with her dad to the Studio Machine Shop and escape into the imaginative back lot movie sets, a period of time that solidified her passion for the behind-the-scenes aspects of moviemaking.


Michael E. Tang

Tang is a versatile producer with extensive experience filming in domestic and international locations throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

While working towards his dual degree in visual arts and history at the University of California, San Diego, Tang began his entertainment career in the film critics circle. His creative prose would ultimately earn him the San Diego Union Tribune's Young Critics Award and Scholarship. After graduating cum laude, he relocated to Los Angeles to collaborate with several commercial production companies. His complimentary interests in artistic craft and non-fiction material prompted him to enter the non-fiction scene.

Tang has overseen production on short and long form content across broadcast, cable, web, and new media platforms for Disney, Pixar, Hearst, GE, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and National Geographic. In addition, he also devotes his time to brand development and corporate strategy.